5 Step Project: Simple Spring Indoor Planting

Spring Planting

Are you familiar with the 5 ingredients or less concept when it comes to cooking and knowing what is in your food?

I had started the home decorating version a while back, and am starting it again! 

This series involves simple projects that take 5 steps or less to achieve in your home.

To recap, the items that are included most likely are ones that you already own or you can easily find. You can shop your home, favorite brick and mortar stores, garage sales–whatever floats your boat!

This series will provide you with the steps, but ultimately you are in charge.

It is that simple.

Let's get started with our simple project, so that you can start decorating your home today.

5 Step Project: Simple Indoor Spring Planting

I have the itch to get my hands in the dirt, but the weather here will not be ready for planting for another couple of months. I found the perfect solution to this problem...

Indoor spring planting!


... it is a simple way to bring new life inside and welcome the spring season

... it allows me to get a taste of planting and what is to soon come

... it allows me to witness the daily growth of spring bulbs and seedlings, which I truly enjoy

Spring Planting Image 2

What To Do: 

Step 1: Find a vessel (always shop your home first)

Step 2: Choose your spring plant, i.e. spring bulbs, seeds, flowering plant

Step 3: Assemble

Step 4: Add moss around the base (optional, but a favorite addition of mine)

Step 5: Select a location in your home for your spring plant & enjoy!

I love watching their process of building their home with what they can find and awaiting their babies.

A true sign of spring every year.

If you would like to know how I choose just the right vessel for my plants (they aren't always traditional garden containers)  you can watch my video below Oh, and be sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel, so that you don't miss any new content!

Spring Planting Image 3

Take care,