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I want to welcome you to my home where I combine my passion for teaching and the feeling of home. I create blog content, courses that I teach, and any other means I can think of to teach about the feeling of home.

House 214 Design is where I teach you, “The Everyday Home Decorator”, how the feeling you wish to create in your home has basic decorating elements that will communicate that message consistently. As a result, making design decisions for your home becomes simple and easy.

I want you to understand that when it comes to designing your home, it doesn’t matter whether your budget is $50 for a project or $50,000. Neither amount of money guarantees that you will make the right or wrong decision. You first need to discover the desired feelings for your home  by doing a little work and gaining a bit of clarity. Creating a feeling in your home is far more important than just a checklist, but it does help to have a framework to reference; it is about finding a balance between a person’s creative side and the specific framework that communicates their feelings.

What I am really excited about (and hope is just beginning) is the shift in how we think about decorating the home. The slow movement is an authentic approach that is prevalent in the food industry – think the farm-to-table concept – and is moving into the home. People are craving authenticity in their homes, and knowing how to create a feeling is the perfect way to do just that.

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