Save Time, Money, and Finally Make the Right Decorating Decisions for Your Home.

 Decorate your home with my simple 

step by step program home decorating plans.

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Do you ever.....

Feel frustrated with being overwhelmed by all of the choices for your home?

Are you tired of wasting money on the wrong decisions?

Are you confused on what choices you should be making to finally decorate your home the right way for you?

If you can relate, then you are in the right place.

No matter your decorating ability, budget, or time constraints I will teach you how to create a home that you will be happy with for a long time.

Just imagine, you will finally know which finishes, patterns, colors, and much more that you should choose to create a home that tells your story .

You will finally be making the right decorating decisions for you and your home.

Hello friends! My name is Melinda McCoy.

I teach the "Everyday Home Decorator" how to finally make the right decorating decisions for  their homes, and save them time and money along the way.

When we bought our home 20 years ago I was overwhelmed and confused with making the right decorating decisions for it. I was frustrated, and tired of wasting time and money on making the wrong decisions. I knew there had to be a way that would have me making the right decisions and finally loving my home.  

There was a better way. I created a step-by-step program and simple home decorating plans that had me finally decorating my home the right way.

My step-by-step process and simple home decorating plans allowed me the confidence to make the right decorating decisions for my home, and loving those decisions for a long time.  They saved me time, money, and unnecessary stress along the way. 

I created the House 214 Design School and Community so that you can do the same, and finally decorate your homes!

What my past students are saying....

~ Kim

I Am Able To Turn My House Into A Home:

"This is the difference between an interior designer coming into my house to make it look great, and my knowing what elements are important to me and being able to turn my house into a home. A very different and wonderful approach. I thank you so very much.”

~ Lynn

Gifted Me Composure And Direction:

“The content of your class is so thought provoking and sensible. The concepts you share are so much more than decorating. Your feeling home philosophy has gifted me composure and direction.”

~ Selma

You Made It Simple To Understand:

“I finally got it because you made it simple to understand myself!!! Because of your course I now understand my style and I am no longer guilty of letting go of the gifts that don't really fit my personality. Much appreciated!”

 You receive the following from

The House 214 Design School!

Step-By-Step Program
  • You will learn your personal decorating style, aka, your story
  • You will Learn the exact decorating elements (finishes, colors, patterns, etc.) that will communicate your personal decorating style
Simple Home Decorating Plans 

Seasonal Workshops

Access to an Expert
  • Ask me your home decorating questions!

Private Facebook Community

The House 214 Design School includes a private Facebook Group for members to ask questions, share home decorating inspiration, and watch live teachings.

I am going to show you that you do not need any special skills to make the right decorating decisions for your  home. You just need to do a bit of work, and you will be well on your way to making the right decorating decisions and finally feeling home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get complete access to everything right away?

Yes! You get complete access to all of the plans, programs, and teachings the moment you are a member. No need to worry about schedules or what room you are working on in your own home. Everything is available to you as soon as you become a member.

2.  Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can easily cancel at any time with a simple form (?)

3. Do I need to have a Facebook account to see live teachings?

No! I will post those same live teachings in the membership.

3. Do you offer discounts for multiple membership purchases? 

Yes! Please email me at melinda@house214design for details!




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