I love this time of year and the endless ways that I can add spring touches throughout our home. It feels like a little celebration of the season sprinkled around the house. Catching my eye here and there as I work through the day and all that life brings. It can be as simple as adding a touch of ribbon to treasures that are already displayed and cherished.

Textiles are often a forgotten tool to easily use and play with in this way. They can be any fabric element and it will naturally add depth and interest to a space. It is a very easy way to decorate that people often forget and can make a big impact in telling your story and showing your personality.

Ribbon can be used just like any other textile. It is just a smaller version of a throw pillow on your sofa. Today I am looking to complete a simple ribbon project in my home. My eyes are peeled for soft and gentle colors that will create the feeling of the spring season in my home.

I started searching in my personal ribbon bin, because I always shop my home first, and came up empty handed. That meant I was headed to my local craft store.

Below is an image of the "spring" ribbon display at the store. It was a good place to start, but I knew fairly quickly that I would need  to expand my search to elsewhere in the store.

I always look outside the typical seasonal areas, whether in a brick & mortar shop or online,  when I am searching to create the feeling of a season. The feeling you are wanting to create might not be in the seasonal section, but might be hidden somewhere else. I generally have a lot of luck using this strategy, like I did with this simple project!

The colors of spring are often cliche pastel and lite colors, but also vibrant colors can be used, think bright tulip tones. There are so many colorful ways to communicate the feeling of spring in your home. If you are having a hard time recognizing your true feeling for your home, join me in the  House 214 Design School .

Other than color, texture is another simple way to add the feeling of a season to your home in a very organic way.  Think about how wool and flannel textures evoke the autumn and winter seasons. In the same way, spring textures evoke a soft, gentle and youthful feeling. Lace, eyelet, and ruffle ribbons are a few examples that would be perfect for the spring season.

Ribbon Shelf
Ribbon Shelf 2
Ribbon Box
Ribbon Pink 40

I almost chose this ribbon for the project, but out of the corner of my eye I spotted...

The sweetest blush ribbon for $3.99 a roll (minus my 20% coupon). It was the perfect soft tone I was envisioning to display on my new vintage find.

Ribbon Pink Plain

When I got home I added a sweet ribbon bow to a vintage creamer that I had found recently on a trip to an antique shop. 

The soft blush color and smooth satin texture are the perfect juxtaposition against the tarnished silver. The loose bow elevates my little vintage find and gives it a romantic old world feel.

I only used a small length for this simple project and will be able to use it many times over for so many other ideas.

I enjoy it every time I pass by in my kitchen.

Not every project needs to be complicated and overdone or expensive. I think some of the best projects are low cost, low work, high impact and high joy.

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