Client Feedback


My sister introduced me to Melinda, and House 214 Design, on Facebook about two years ago when we first purchased our 5700 sq-ft full-gut, full-reno home in a new town. We purchased this home because we fell in love with the property, and I had high hopes that we'd be able to renovate the house into a space that both felt like home and functioned well for our growing family. 

But I was overwhelmed. I am not a home designer, and renovating that much space all at once felt daunting. Meeting Melinda at this exact time was my absolute divine timing, and the exact answer to my panicked prayers.

Over the last two years, I have taken a few of her seasonal courses and have participated in a few of her online groups; but nothing has impacted me, and my confidence in creating the right home for our family, more than her "Finally Feel Home Program"

Within weeks of starting this program, I not only learned more about myself and what "feeling home" actually means to me, I was also able to tap into what home means to my husband and properly blend two different styles together that works so beautifully for our family.

I went from an overwhelmed, disorganized mom constantly scrolling Pinterest, to intentional, focused, and decisive.  I think the most significant proof and strongest testament of the value gained within Melinda's programs is how often during this last year we quite literally went against every professional recommendation and suggestion for our home. From lighting, to tiling, to layout, to all the materials used. We became very clear on how we wanted our home to feel, educated on what choices express those exact feelings, and saved a lot of time and money because of it. And we could not love our results more!

Thank you Melinda, for sharing your gift with world and empowering the average family to do the work of defining what home is to them. The meaningful activities embedded into your courses have dramatically improved the way in which we make design, decorating and buying decisions as a family. We are forever changed because of your programs and know that it will continue to serve us well, as we finish our renovation and transition into living in our new space.

We cannot wait to finally be home. 

Angela - House 214 Design School Student/Workshop Attendee

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